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Test Automation – Selenium with Java

Test Automation Training with Selenium tool using Java


This course is designed for automation testers who have coding skills. This course focuses on creating, executing and maintaining automation Tests.
This course includes hands-on labs and real testing projects to reinforce practical skills and ensure you’re ready to use the tools on your return to your workplace.

Target Audience

This course is designed for Testers, QC Engineers and QC Leads.


Testers working at least for one year in the software testing field.
Testers have good knowledge of programming languages (Preferred Java or C#):
Basic java fundamentals
If statements
While for loops
Variable scope
Classes and objects
Instantiating objects
Overloading & overriding methods

Session 1:

Why do we automate?
When to automate?
Test Automation Market
Introduction to Selenium
Environment Setup(JAVA, Intellij, Maven, TestNG & JUnit)
Run our first test

Session 2:
Dealing with the browser
Using the web driver
Using the Actions Class
Using the JS executer
Handling tabs
Handling session cookies
Using the locators
Handling advanced locators

Session 3:

Interacting with different componentsRadio buttons and checkboxes
Date pickers
Dropdown menus
File uploadSynchronization of test commands( Implicit, Explicit,& Fluent wait)
Test frameworkAnnotations
Driving tests from XML file
Data driven tests
Prioritizing tests
Grouping tests
Cross-browser tests

Session 4:
How to write clean code
Page object model
Revisit test automation frameworks
Module Based Testing
Library Architecture Testing
Data Driven Testing
Keyword Driven Testing
Hybrid Testing
Behavior Driven Development

Session 5:
Building the final project.


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